The pilot is a partnership between Healthy Democracy, the organization that championed the CIR system in Oregon, Tufts University’s Tisch College of Civic Life, and the office of State Representative Jonathan Hecht, with summer fellow support from the Harvard Kennedy School, Tufts University, and Suffolk University. (Photos of team members are arranged by last name in alphabetical order.)

Ana Babovic, Harvard Kennedy School Summer Fellow:

Ana will serve as the Kennedy School summer fellow, working with Sam Feigenbaum to build a roadmap for the pilot and execute day to day operations.

Ian Clarke, Tufts University Summer Fellow:

Ian is the Tufts University summer fellow, serving as the panelist liaison and responsible for producing the lion’s share of written content for the blog.

Jessie Conover, Program Manager, Healthy Democracy:

Jessie is a consultant to the Massachusetts CIR pilot team and brings her expertise in deliberation and process design to ensure that the review is fair, deliberative, and empowering to citizens.

Sam Feigenbaum, Legislative Aide, Office of State Representative Jonathan Hecht:

Sam is the Massachusetts program manager, in charge of building a roadmap for the pilot and making sure that everything that needs to happen happens when it should.

Jonathan Hecht, State Representative:

Jon provides strategy and planning advice and manages relationships with key members of the Advisory Board, legislature, and press.

Molly Keating, Mediator and Facilitator:

Molly is one of the two moderators who will lead deliberations during the CIR event. She has deep experience as a CIR moderator, having facilitated CIRs since the system became part of the official ballot question process in Oregon in 2011.

Peter Levine, Associate Dean for Research and Lincoln Filene Professor of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Tisch College of Civic Life:

Peter directs Tufts University’s involvement in the pilot, administers the grant that funds the project, and brings years of research experience on public deliberation.

Michael Mackenzie, Professor of Political Science, University of Pittsburgh:

Michael will provide support to the moderator team during the CIR event, drawing on his experience as a facilitator for the Ontario Citizens’ Assembly.

Elainy Mata, Suffolk University Summer Fellow:

Elainy will serve as the Suffolk University Summer Fellow, assisting with day to day operations and producing much of the video content for the blog.

David McCoy, Graduate Student, University of Pittsburgh:

David will provide support to the moderator team during the CIR event, drawing on his work on democratic deliberation with Michael Mackenzie.

Charlotte Mostertz, Community Volunteer:

During the CIR event, Charlotte will serve as the process manager, ensuring the smooth flow of information between advocates, moderators, and panelists.

Nancy Thomas, Director, Initiatives for the Study of Higher Education and Public Life, Tisch College of Civic Life:

Nancy is one of the two moderators who will lead deliberations during the CIR event.